You are invited to an Open Studio Showing
1602 River Mill Drive, Wake Forest, N.C. 27587
Saturday & Sunday
December 9th & December 10th from 1:00 P.M. to 6:00 P.M.

About the new paintings:
Most of my paintings have a Kosmic theme. I use the word Kosmic to include not just the physical universe as perceived by human beings, i.e. cosmic, but all those dimensions of human consciousness including the emotional, mental, and spiritual. The Kosmos includes not just inanimate matter but the mind, soul, and spirit; these are concepts embraced by the great thinkers of the past but renounced today by the scientific mindset as nonexistent. I believe that “serious” art is a way of getting in touch with that patterned Whole of existence. Perhaps these paintings suggest an interplay between the inner and the outer world of human existence. In each painting, you will find a “window”; you are looking out the window yet mirroring your own inner world. As you fall into each painting, let you inner world pull you into another dimension, another way of experiencing reality. Reality is not just what you can touch; it is what you experience. If all this sounds a bit too serious, it is not intended that way; humor and lightness are never far from reality: certainly, Pi on the Run and Seussian Boogie create a Kosmic giggle! Because the paintings always paint themselves, I was also surprised with the resultant M.C. Escheresque topology that belies our restrictive three-dimensional reality. This latest series is also more kaleidoscopic: the oranges, reds, yellows, blues, purples, and greens stand out against the gradations of gray, perhaps the way life stands out against matter.

This summer was one of my more productive periods marked by a return to earlier techniques, more lavish application of paints, and the discovery of a superior German oil paint. I have always liked the thicker oil paintings that are distinctively thicker and brighter than many of my paintings of the "River Mill" period. I also discoverd a new canvas that is an inch and a half thick and better constructed than some of the thinner cavases I have used. The real excitement came from finding a far superior oil made in Germany. The hues are noticeably more brilliant and complex in their colorations, and I suspect will have a more archival duration. The last three paintings I worked on are entitled: Colored Perspectives, The Time Circuit from the Future, and Schism of a Wormhole Embedded in the Multiverse. In the last painting named above, two different techniques were employed to suggest a ripple, a break in the exotic material that maintains the integrity of the wormhole. On another level this is a topological brainteaser, and yet on another level this is simply color embedded in form.

This past summer was one of rediscovery of technique - of playing with new ways to take an old approach to painting and re-creating a new feel, even a new cosmology (one of my favorite words: Cosmology is indeed appropriate because I think the paintings are realities!). In preparation for my work this past summer, I was again steeped in Rudolf Steiner and his ideas about the evolution of consciousness. .

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